All Trips Include:

  • Official Navajo Canyon de Chelly resident guides
  • Wood for nightly campfires (if permitted)
  • Drinking, cooking, and sun shower water
  • Outdoor kitchen facilities including propane outdoor stove and kitchen accessories
  • Outdoor toilet facilities at camp

What to Bring

  • Please review the gear list to see what you need to bring and reading suggestions to introduce you to the rich art and history of the canyon and the Diné people.
  • Canyon artists often come to camp one afternoon or display their wares at White House ruins (which we pass on the way in and out of the canyon). If you are interested in purchasing rugs, weaving, silver jewelry, pottery, art, etc. directly from the artisan bring cash or check (some even accept credit cards).
  • Please bring signed Liability Waivers for each member of your party. (These will be sent to you when you make your reservation)

Getting There

Information on directions, airports, and local hotels.

Hiking into the Canyon:

  • All trips start and end at National Park Services visitor center at the Canyon de Chelly National Monument Visitor Center in Chinle, Arizona (PDF map).
  • When you make your reservation we will arrange for parking of your vehicles while you are with us in the Canyon. There is a nominal parking fee per vehicle.
  • Transport of your camping gear in and out of canyon is included. Please limit each person's luggage to one 36” duffle, a sleeping bag, and tent. You may want to leave a change of clean clothes in a small bag in your car for after the canyon.
  • We walk into a the canyon and to camp, approximately 2 miles, passing the White House Ruins on the way. Carry plenty of water and any other essentials you want access to on the way.

While in the Canyon

Please review our Rules & Social Tips for important information.


  • You may set up your tent on various locations at camp
  • We have tents and sleeping pads (for a softer night's sleep!) available. Please let us know when you make your reservation if you would like tents or pads.

Personal Hygiene

  • Bathroom Facilities

    There is no running water in the canyon and no bathrooms. Outhouses will be set up to accommodate your needs in camp. While hiking you may discretely and appropriately use the bushes. Please do not leave toilet tissue behind, but pack it back to camp where you can dispose of it properly.

  • Getting Clean

    Sun shower facilities are provided. Depending on your group size, you may want to bring additional sun showers. Two people can usually shower from a single sun shower bag. Water for sun showers is provided.

    You may want to bring a small bowel or cup so that you can transport water to your tent area to wash your face and brush your teeth.


  • Vehicle transportation to Spider Rock or other sites that are not within hiking distance of the camp are available for groups of 10 or more people. An extra fee required for less than 10 people.


  • Reaching Visitors Who Are on a Trip:

    This is a wilderness trip and you will not be reachable once you enter the Canyon. Please see the Contact Us page for emergency contact information.

Food & Cooking

  • Please refer to Custom Trips and Scheduled Trips for specific information on how food and cooking are handled for each kind of trip. Cooking is done in our open air kitchen and campers can eat at picnic tables or around the campfire.
  • Important: Please see the overview on our Kitchen contents list to help with your planning.

Camp Amenities

  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Folding tables and chairs
  • Fire wood
  • Lanterns
  • Water barrels and drinking water
  • 2-way radios
  • Small library of books relating to the Diné and Canyon de Chelly


  • There are horses and dogs in camp.You will also come across horses all over the canyon, and from time to time perhaps a coyote or two along with other wild life.


  • Weather is variable: be prepared with a variety of options. Though it depends on the time of year, consider everything from sun, to wind, to rain. As you are limited to the amount you can take into the Canyon (see Hiking into the Canyon above), in most cases it makes sense to bring items that cover many purposes (see Gear List), and to limit certain items (e.g. a single pair of long pants is often enough). Temperatures vary dramatically throughout the year. Please check the weather forecast the week before your trip.

You may want to purchase Trip Insurance which covers many of the costs of your trip in the event that you need to cancel. Contact an insurance agent for more information.

Please check both the Gear list and the Kitchen Contents list for best trip planning.

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