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Crossing Between Worlds, by Dr. Jeanne Simonelli is an excellent introduction to the Diné and the Canyon and a rare and wonderful chance to meet the extended family of your Canyon de Chelly Diné guides. Order the second edition now!

Quote from Crossing Between Worlds book jacket:

" In Crossing Between Worlds, Dr. Jeanne Simonelli, Professor of Anthropology at Wake Forest University, who has spent time at Canyon de Chelly as a seasonal park ranger and directs a Wake Forest program on the Southwest, interweaves stories of her personal experiences and friendships with canyon residents with discussion of native history and culture in the region. Dr Simonelli also directs a summer program at State University of New York College at Oneonta.

"Focusing on the members of one extended Navajo family (see the Your Diné Guides section of this site) Simonelli describes the small movements of their daily lives: shearing goats, baking bread, attending a solemn all-night healing ceremony . . . talking about the history of the Diné - the Navajo people - and pondering the changes they have witnessed in the canyon and the difficulties they confront"