We offer Canyon de Chelly tours. Canyon de Chelly is a National Monument, but it is also part of the Navajo Nation and home to over 200 Diné (Navajo) families. Accessibility to the park is limited without an authorized Navajo guide.

On our tours, you will camp on our family's land and take day trips with us out to see the canyon. We believe that walking is the best way to see the canyon, so we named our company Footpath Journeys of Canyon de Chelley.

You will experience the splendor of the canyon's wildlife and plants in their natural habitat. Many opportunities for thrilling, panoramic photographs abound on the canyon rim or deep within it's walls.

Enjoy the wild flowers blooming, beautiful sunsets and sunrises with a dazzling variety of woodland and desert birds. At night we will sleep under the timeless stars as they shine on the rainbow world of the Diné (Navajo).

As we hike the canyon trails, we'll hear many stories such as the Twins that visited their father, the Sun and the Celebration of Baby's First Laugh.

Past and present are interwoven in the canyon. It is home to modern Diné and we'll pass hogans, sweat lodges and sheep as well as explore the vast richness of the many ancient ruins nestled in the canyon walls. Most unaccessible to visitors without a guide.

We'll make fry bread together and sit around the campfire in the evenings enjoying stories and laughter under the stars.

What You'll See

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 Crossing between worlds

Read about your Diné hosts and their extended family.

rock art

We'll see rock art of many types from the Pueblo Ancestors (Anasazi), the Diné and the Hopi.


We'll see many cliff dwellings and ruins closed to visitors without an authorized Dine guide

cool break

We'll hike along the canyon floors


We'll camp with the horses and enjoy their presence througout the canyon

window rock hikers

We'll hike to vistas you can't imagine without being here

red vista

View the Photo Tour to see the spectacular beauty of the canyon.