Example Itinerary

This is a sample trip itinerary to give you an idea of the trip experience. Every trip is a little different as we alter the trip to the needs and interests of the group and to the weather.

Day 1 Hike down from White House Ruins overlook to base camp and set up tents and camp
Day 2 1/2 hike to Bad Canyon to see pictographs and ruins.
Day 3 Day hike up Yei trail across Mesa and down x trail. Visit family birth hogan on top and learn about many native plants.
Day 4 1/2 day in camp to relax, 1/2 day trip to Canyon del Muerto. Special evening entertainment.
Day 5 Day hike to Window Rock and optional trip to Spider Rock (can be arranged in advance with Footpath Journey)
Day 6 Pack up and walk out past White House Ruins or up Female Trail (group may split and some do each)

Group just heading down trail to White House ruins

White House Ruins

Hiking meadow in Bad Canyon to reach ruins

Top of Yei Trail at the Picture Spot

Spider Rock

Back to Base Camp