the world of the Diné (the Navajo) of Northern Arizona. Journey through a stunning red rock canyon with its abundance of sacred beauty and seldom seen archeological sites. Join us on our hiking & camping trips to hear our stories and walk in the footsteps of the ancients.


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About Footpath Journeys

  • On-line Video: View an on-line video of a group tour of the canyon: Walking in the footsteps of the ancients: Touring Canyon de Chelly with Footpath Journeys
  • Canyon de Chelly Eco-Trips: This project involves high school students, 14-19 years old, helping Canyon residents in exchange for hiking tours. Projects may include working on a hogan, herding sheep, getting water, fencing, and so on. Students on longer visits may also learn to do Navajo arts and crafts. One of our groups got to try their hands at silver smithing with well-known artist A.C. Henry.

Tour Updates

  • The Hogan is available. It can be used for retreats, meetings, teaching or living.
  • Remember to leave time to visit the Canyon de Chelley National Monument visitor center and to drive the canyon loop around the canyon rim while you are here - it's a spectacular drive!

Your Guides

  • Updated! The second edition of Crossing Between Worlds is now available. This book is a rare and wonderful opportunity to learn more about your Canyon de Chelly guides and their families.
  • Your guide Lupita McClanahan is the new Indian Education Committee Board Member of Chinle Unified School District #24. She is also the Parental Advisory Committee Vice President for the School District.

Hello to all of our friends from Jon and Lupita!

Jon and Lupita McClanahan

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Visitors: by joining our trips, you will be helping to support Footpath Journeys' ongoing mission to educate our youth. Our educational mission helps to support these important cultural projects.

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